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Biodiversity conservation education and awareness

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Community based conservation initiative is one of the most effect ways of conserving any ecosystem in areas experiencing human impact.

In 2017, we executed biodiversity conservation education in Ilara-Mokin, southwest Nigeria. The goal was to sensitize the populace especially primary and secondary schools on the ecology and social values of birds, including threat to birds and habitats.

The team members for the conservation education and awareness

Centred around catching them young, we demonstrated and thought the pupils using PowerImages, short video clips and poster of common birds in the enviroment.

During a classroom session with the pupils at the Apostolic High School Ilara-Mokin

Outdoor demonstrations


The Rufford Foundation financially supported the project. The Elizade University approved the execution of the project. Many thanks to all staff of the Department of Biological Sciences for their involvement and assistance.

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